World Premiere Prison for Profit

Whistleblowers, former prisoners and an investigative journalist paint a shocking picture of South Africa’s first privatized prison. Priority for the controversial private security firm G4S is profit maximization, with underpaid guards and violence against prisoners as the inevitable result.


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World Premiere
Date: 24 November 2019
Tijd: 16:00
Plek: Tuschinski 1

Duration film: 83 minuten / Engels


The Mangaung prison opened in 2001 as South Africa’s first privately run jail. Its operator, the security firm G4S, a British multi-billion company promised the most humane treatment and the best facilities for it’s nearly 3,000 prisoners. Naturally at the lowest cost.

It soon became clear that this was mostly sales talk. Leaked surveillance videos and testimonies from warders and former prisoners reveal stories of excessive violence, neglect and unimaginable forms of torture.

Testimonials from whistleblowers and former prisoners, and the findings of investigative journalist Ruth Hopkins expose the reality of prison privatization. Warders are underpaid, overworked and fear every day for their lives. Prisoners are a source of income, so rehabilitation is not a priority. The film shows how this profit maximization system works and what happens when governmental care tasks like detention are outsourced to powerful international corporations. What are the negative consequences for society?



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