Follow Masamba’s new trial

On this page you can follow all the news about Masamba and his trial.


With the help of donations from individuals that have seen Justice for Sale, as well as a grant made available by Cordaid and Stichting Vluchteling as part of the Droit pour Tous campaign, Masamba will soon stand a chance to have his case reviewed.


Between March and April a law firm in Bukavu has conducted complementary research into his case. The research focused on procedural inconsistencies as well as elements of proof that were not included or wrongly interpreted in the judgment that sentenced him to 10 years in prison for a rape he did not commit.

With this information, as well as by studying Masamba’s legal file and reviewing the unedited film footage made during the hearing that resulted in his conviction, another lawyer in Kinshasa has prepared a request for conditional liberty.

This request will be introduced at the High Court in Kinshasa in August. Masamba has already served over 4 years in prison and this, according to Congolese legislation, makes him eligible for conditional liberty.


At the same time a request for revision of his case will be introduced via the Minister of Justice and the highest military prosecutor. This will open up the way for new hearings that ought to result in a judgment overruling his conviction. Even though the process may take time, it is the last chance that Masamba has to be cleared of blame.

We are grateful to announce that since Justice for Sale premièred on the 20th of November 2011 we raised $20.000 US dollar to launch a new and fair trail for Masamba. Many thanks to all the people that donated, and a special thanks for generous Dutch Postcode Lottery grant.


Steps to a fair trial:

1) From the 5th till the 25th of February we return back to the Congo, to visit Masamba in prison.

2) Masamba’s case will be re-investigated by expert lawyers that will meet all parties involved.

3) New  evidence and the contradictions of Masamba’s case will be presented and defended at the High Court in Congo’s Capital Kinshasa by a lawyer mandated for High Court cases.

4) If Masamba’s case is won, legal personnel of the High Court will travel from Kinshasa to the prison in Bukavu to release him.

5) After his release from prison, Masamba will be provided with a small sum of money to build up a new live.