Film interview Thomson Reuters Foundation

February 3, 2012 at 12:56 pm


Journalist Alex Whiting from Alertnet (Thomson Reuters Foundation) wrote the following article about Justice for Sale. click on the link to read the criticle: “Film sheds light on Congo’s “unfair rape trials”.
Watch also the film they made about IFproductions work.

LONDON (AlertNet) – The international community’s efforts to increase the number of rape convictions in Democratic Republic of Congo have created unfair trials and led to growing numbers of false convictions, according to a new documentary.

The film “Justice for Sale” follows young Congolese human rights lawyer Claudine Tsongo as she investigates the case of Masamba Masamba, a junior soldier jailed in 2008 for 10 years for rape.

“I want to reveal the injustice done in this case,” Claudine said in the film, which was premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam on Nov. 20.

“I want to show the truth of all aspects, so that the legal system does its work as it should.” READ MORE